Sustainable System Development


Sustainsys offers expert services within identity and access management on Microsoft platforms. Our tools of choice are those best fitted for the customers' needs, ranging from on premise standard software over cloud offerings to custom developed software.

Sustainsys also offers general .NET development and system architecture services, combined with mentoring of the customers' team members. Our goal is always to make ourselves redundant in any team setup. Because getting redundant means we've succeeded in our mission of spreading knowledge in the team.

Open Source

Open source plays a vital role in modern software development. We use open source on a daily basis in our projects but we also recognize the effort behind developing and maintaining open source software. We maintain the leading SAML2 solution for .NET developers (known as Kentor.AuthServices. A rename of the project is pending).

Open Source Support

While open source software can be used for free it means that support is available at the discretion of the active contributors and maintainers of the project. The features being added to the project might not be what your business needs. Our offerings for Kentor.AuthServices address that with:

  • E-mail support with next-business-day response guarantee.
  • Consulting services, remote or on site.
  • Sponsored development with a fixed price to add specific features needed by your business.

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We believe in a sustainable future. To us that means that we strive for...

  • ...sustainable environmental impact from our business. For domestic trips we prefer going by train. Where possible we prefer remote work instead of travelling. Air travel is only used after other options have been considered.
  • ...sustainable solution deliveries. Anything we build should have the quality to work and being maintainable for the estimated life time.
  • ...sustainable customer relations. We want to be a long-term partner and advisor. When we've finished a project, we hand it over to the customer's team and move on. We don't believe in eternal consulting assignments. But we are of course avaiable for support when needed and we are happy to come back and help with any new projects.
  • ...sustainable work-life-balance. Get in touch if you are located in Stockholm and want to join Sustainsys.